Mimic Immersion Robot: First of Its Kind

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A brain child of Robomotive Laboratories, Mimic Immersion Robot is out to transform the existing world of robotics. With the help of immersion controls and goggles, you can easily control the actions of the Mimic Robot. The robot uses wheels for movement and 3D cameras for capturing views, allowing you to see what the robot sees, while the robot does what you do.

The control system which works behind the Mimic is a simple one. The four different control domains integrate into one, with the help of which you can instruct the robot to perform its functions. For instance, with the help of IRS based foot system you can control the motion of the robot. With a slight tilt forward and backward, you can instruct the robot to go in front or reverse. With the help of Feel technology, you can feel what the mimic is grasping in its hands. You can control the strength of mimic’s grip by adjusting the squeezing of your fingers on the feel technology. The arm control allows you to move its arm up to an extent of 12 degree. Lastly, the 3D immersion goggles allow you to see what the robot sees. The head of the robot changes its directions in accordance with the movement of your head. All this technology makes mimic’s motions a lot more natural and user-friendly, allowing it to interact with people of age groups.

Mimic has the ability to go the place where human can’t go themselves. Therefore, it can come handy at a lot of places. Moreover, you can configure television receivers with the robot as well, to display what the robot sees on a huge screen. With this, not only the person wearing the goggles but other members of the house can also views what’s going on around the robot.

At present, mimic is being ordered from all around the world. Soon it will be shipped to its admirers, who will be able to enjoy spending time with it. A general package includes the robot, the control system and other basic gadgets. Since the design is still in processing, so you will be able to enjoy an improved set of qualities.

This is just the beginning. With your help and faith in this technology, we will be able to implement improved changes in it, for the times to come. However, what lies ahead is yet to be seen.
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