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Looking for solid backlinks to your website or for a client? We accept content that falls in our scope of writing niche

2000+ word minimum article for $10

We accept Guests Posts for You may submit a post, pay and the post will be reviewed. If your post does not meet the below criteria your post will not be published. You may if you have subscribed and not submitted as a guest, have the ability to change the content of your post and then we will review your post.

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What do I get?

Your posts with a do-follow link to your site or product. Post socially shared to our social media account. The post is for life, as long as your link remains live, if the link is broken we will attempt to fix it, if we are not able to the link will be taken down and potentially the post, this will be content dependant.

After Submitting and paying what are the steps?

We will review your posts within 3 working days. If your posts has not been published within 5 working days, then you should check that you comply with the above guidelines.

Will my page be marked as “guest” or “sponsored”?

No but it will not be tagged as review, highlight, best buy, Top Rates, Hot, unless we deem it worthy or if it fits our target market.

Will my post be on the home page?

No your post will not appear on the home page unless you write an review article in our style, you most welcome to as for template.

Can I get a refund?

No we do not offer refunds, please ensure your content submitted, is correct, follows our guidelines. if your post is not published in 5working days please contact us, with all the information we need to know.


  • Types of content we accept:
    • Product write up’s or reviews
      • New product awareness
      • Product launch
      • What makes a product so fantastic, based on real claims and not on fiction
    • Showcase of a new product or product launch
    • Startup companies launching a new product
    • How to’s related to topics relevant to products we review. Example how to select a good air conditioner this would relate well to 15 best cheap air conditioners under $100, $200, and $300
  • Posts we do NOT publish:
    • Business listings
    • affiliate marketing site and links
    • pornography
    • gambling
    • weapons
    • CBD products
    • or any illegal products in USA, UK, SA
  • Minimum 2000+ words in propper English, dramatically correct, with USA spelling
  • 1 Feature Image 2046px wide x 1024px minimum, larger images are accepted, CREDIT TO IMAGE MUST BE IN THE POST TEXT at the end
  • Any images included in the post CREDIT TO IMAGE MUST BE IN THE POST TEXT at the end
  • Posts are required to be categorised appropriately and include tags.
  • 1 do-follow link in your post is allowed, this link may not be associated with
    • affiliate marketing site
    • pornography
    • gambling
    • weapons
    • CBD products
    • or any illegal products in USA, UK, SA
  • Only original posts will be accepted.
  • NO spun content will be accepted, if we find that you have not given original content all your posts will be taken down and your account banned.
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If you have any issues while submitting a post, contact us at ( any mails asking us if we accept guest posts will be deleted)

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