Kidizoom, the Smartwatch for Kids

Kidizoom, the Smartwatch for Kids

Smartwatches have become an integrated part of any gadget lover’s arsenal, but you might think twice before handing such an expensive piece of equipment to your child if you are a father. Thankfully, some developers have thought about kids and they created a nice little wearable named Kidizoom that is quite similar to the smartwatches created by popular companies, but instead it offers all the neat things that a kid needs.

Kidizoom allows kids to take photos and videos, play games and, of course, it displays the current time. The interface provided with the device is suitable for kids, so you can rest assured that they will have a great time using this tiny new wearable.

The Kidizoom can even be used as an educational tool since it can run multiple educational games such as Finger Dance, Super Detective or Time Master. Also, numerous other games can be downloaded through the device itself if you connect it to your Wi-Fi. We like the fact that the kids can customize the watch face and add numerous interesting themes. Each one of those is colourful and creates a great experience for all kids, so they can easily use it as a great companion.

Kidizoom is waterproof, so wherever you kids decide to go and do, the device will certainly last for a long time. But durability is only one of the multiple other features. The battery life for the device is up to two weeks, which is more than any wearable could offer until now, and the ability to take videos or pictures with it is just impressive. Only a few wearable devices offer the ability to take videos, so having this integrated into the Kidizoom is nothing short of astonishing.

Additionally, the computer connectivity is done seamlessly via the dedicated cable and your kids can install new apps, upload photos and videos or customize their themes easily through the simple connection.

Lastly, the Kidizoom is suitable for kids that are 4 years old or more, and this is due to the fact that this device includes smaller bits and pieces that might be ingested by younger kids.

All in all, we find the Kidizoom to be a refreshing device for kids and a great pastime tool for them. The educational factor and the ability to take videos make it stand out from the crowd.