10 Best PVC Party Tents under $100

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10 Best PVC Party Tents under 0

If you are interested in throwing a big bash to your loved and dear ones the PVC party tents are the best way to go. Pleasant weather is what we all seek while arranging a party. However, weather can be fickle as it could turn out to be a rainy day or sunny or cloudy or hot or cold on the day of the party. In harsh violent conditions, you want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible. Outdoor party tents are large in size and let you throw a massive party. You can even set up fans and heaters inside these tents. (more…)

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10 Best Sliding Miter Saws under $200

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10 Best Sliding Miter Saws under 0

When you are looking for the best miter saw under $200 at the local hardware store, there are a few thing that you should definitely take into account. Firstly, you may be familiar with the difference between a standard miter saw and the sliding miter saw. You might be in need of a miter that can accomplish both miter and bevel cuts. Having said that, you might also be looking for a miter saw that is equipped with a wide range of functionalities such as the slide control function which is a similar function as to a radial arm saw which allows the back and forth motion of the blade and hence allows for the cutting of more pieces of wood. Best firewood log, firewood log holder and best firewood rage are a few parameters that have been used to compile the best miter saw under $200 list. Moreover, we have also ensured that the products enlisted below are durable, high performance and affordable.

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