Spirit Rover: Lets You Learn Coding, Design Missions, and Have a Lot of Fun

Spirit Rover: Lets You Learn Coding, Design Missions, and Have a Lot of Fun

Inspired from 2003 robots, Spirit and Opportunity which were sent to Mars for exploration, Plum Geek Robotics has introduced Spirit Rover which is a miniature of those elderly robots. Either you’re an amateur or a professional programmer, the Spirit helps you learn programs like Python, C and C++, and Linux.

You can control missions of this robot using your smartphone, computer, or even a gaming console. The cameras attached at the head of the robot give you a clear image of the things robot sees. Here, we have briefly dissected the basic design of this amazing invention:


There are three computer boards which combine together to shape this robot.

  • Raspberry Pi: This chip makes the heart of the robot as it handles most of the codes and system processing.
  • Arduino: This processor combines with the Raspberry Pi processor to enhance the levels of performance of the machine.
  • Microchip: Lastly, the microchip processor is preloaded with codes and handles low levels passes in the background.

The three processors function in a complete harmony with each other, allowing you to control any of the hardware of the robot.


The hardware of the robot is a combination of parts manufactured from high strength steel and non-brittle plastic. This increases the longevity and service life of the final product up to a greater extent. An arm, present at the front side of the assembly, helps you pick up small objects just like the original robots which were sent to mars.


With the help of cameras at the front, you can view all what the robot sees. This helps you control the motion of the robot. Cameras present on the robot are sensitized with the help of sensors, i.e. the robot senses the motion and reacts to it.


The accelerometer allows the robot to enjoy easy motions. It can run on different surfaces and can easily change its motion when an obstruction lies ahead.

Charging Ports

With the help of charging ports on the main body, you can easily attach it to the power source and charge it.

Spirit Rover is definitely the next big step in the world of robotics. You can use this for fun as well as for learning. This, however, is just a beginning. Stay tight and expect a lot more development in future.