Cross2design Smart Table: It’s More Than Just a Table

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We are very lucky to be living in a phase of human evolution where technology is making extremely fast strides. With each passing day, we get to see a new technological advancement which leaves us with nothing but to awe. Of the many similar developments, one is Cross2Design Smart Table. It is an innovative design which combines a table and a tablet, thus taking the technology to the very next level.

This might sound unreal at first, but the idea is totally real, is in the pipeline, and promises to help us soon in all walks of life. Once you will have it, you will be able to use it for educational purposes, to give presentations, to watch movies, to make video calls, and do everything else which you used to do on an iPad Pro, but only at a much larger scale.

Coming back to the design, C2D Smart Table comes with an interactive screen which acts both as a table and a tablet. With the design of an ordinary table, it has a flat screen which acts as the table countertop, supported by robotic legs. The legs are operated with the help of a button, allowing you to alter the size of the table. The bottoms of the legs are supported by a base which ensures stability to the whole structure.

The top screen is an interactive desktop which can be used for all sorts of works. The touch-sensitive screen acts just like any other touch-screen, allowing you to create designs, make presentations, play video games, educate your kids, and do everything else.

The table comes with two side-frames which extend outwards to the whole body. These frames act as platforms, on both the sides of the table, where you can keep your stuff like your notes, books, food, coffee, and other similar things.

The easy mobility of the design has made it extremely popular among the ranks of technological experts. Now, you don’t need to rely on small screen iPads to develop your ideas. You can use the huge screen of C2D Smart Table for the purpose. The screen is so huge that you can easily adjust chairs around it and continue your work. The interactive nature of the screen lets you create designs, design ideas, and devise plans on how to further your geniuses to the world at large.