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A post for life as long as your product is still available on Amazon and the link is not broken.

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We will review your posts within 7 days. If your posts has not been published within 14 days, then you should check that you comply with the below guidelines. You are able to change the content of your posts to fit the guidelines.

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No, but it will be categorized as Product Review (guest), It might not be highlighted,  or placed in best buy, Top Rated, Hot, unless we deem it worthy or if it fits our target market.

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There is potential if your post is written well.


  • Types of content we accept:
    • Product write up’s or reviews
      • New Amazon product awareness
      • Amazon Product launch
      • Amazon Products
    • Showcase of a new product or product launch
    • Startup companies launching a new product on Amazon
    • How to use your product
  • There are certain products we CAN NOT publish to social:
    • weapons
    • hunting goods
    • anything that can be used to harm someone
    • or any illegal products in USA, UK, SA
  • 350+ words in propper English, dramatically correct, with USA spelling
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