Mighty Morphin Mouse – Two in One Technology

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It could be a quite hard dare to find one aspect of our life that has not been impacted by technology. We are living lives highly dependent on technology. Perhaps, some would say that humans are becoming lazier with the excessive use of technology but it can also not be denied that developments in this field have allowed us to make our lives easier.

On the other hand, it is common knowledge that extreme technology never comes at an affordable price. There is no doubt that people of almost all ages are using tech gadgets but not everyone can afford the highly unique, innovative and eye-opening technology.

It is not uncommon to find various features in one technological device but you have to compromise on one aspect to take advantage of your most needed feature when running short on money. A common example of this situation is the smartphone technology. it is easier to afford a smartphone with basic smart features but the speed of the RAM and the camera feature often have to be compromised given your price range.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you got two amazing features in one tech gadget? Learn about the Might Morphin Mouse

What is the Mighty Morphin Mouse?

The Mighty Morphin Mouse, also known as the Scarab Mouse or the Gamepad is an amazing two in one technology. It works both as a mouse and a gaming joystick.

Why Need a Mouse?

Popular to the contrary belief, not everybody enjoys the touch pad technology in the laptops. No matter how easier and more touch sensitive the touchpads become with newer models, some people still like the old technology of using a mouse. One can’t simply deny the fact that the old mouse was much easier to use and even to this day some people prefer it for making PowerPoint presentations or projects where more detail is needed.

The Gamepad

The ability of the Mighty Morphin Mouse to change into a gaming joystick is very useful, especially for those people who like to multitask. You are doing this detailed work and suddenly you want a break or are simply bored so just convert the mouse into the joystick and play to your heart’s content.

The Mighty Morphin Mouse has been designed by Jan Winkels and it speaks of optimising technology. Maybe, the gadget itself is not so innovative but the way you can use it makes it special.