The Gramovox Bluetooth gramophone speaker

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Bluetooth Gramophone 2.0 – Vintage Wireless Speaker, iPhone/Android Compatible | Gallery – Black Steel Horn, Scene-View, Coffee-Table[UPDATED: 2021-03-21]

Bluetooth speakers are some of the latest innovations of audio technology. With the Gramovox you get not only a Bluetooth speaker but the classical sound quality of an old-school gramophone. The Gramovox combines the latest in Bluetooth stereos with retro-style design. The Gramovox provides exceptional sound quality combined with a unique and interesting aesthetic. Additionally, the Gramovox is entirely self-contained making it not only compact but portable.

About Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

The Gramovox is an old-style gramophone horn attached to a custom-built Bluetooth stereo. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers and/or stereos the Gramovox is both stylish as well as provides a level of audio quality, unlike other standard speakers. While you can achieve similar results with other Bluetooth speakers the Gramovox has an interesting presence all on its own. Combine this with the exceptional functionality that the Gramovox provides makes this a one of a kind item.

Does it work?

The Gramovox offers a surprising level of audio clarity in this historic design. With the addition of being a Bluetooth speaker you get all of this without complicated wires or extensive assembly instructions. Additionally, as the Gramovox is an entirely self-contained unit you can place it wherever you want in your home or move from room to room as needed. As an added bonus the Gramovox is perfect for any party or get-together you might be hosting as it provides wonderful sound quality in addition to its unique look. With the retro-style gramophone horn the Gramovox has a very unique look to it and makes an excellent conversational piece.

Bluetooth Gramophone 2.0 – Vintage Wireless Speaker, iPhone/Android Compatible | Feature – Convenient-Controls, Minimalist-Design, 3.5mm/USB Stereo-Input


Overall the Gramovox is an excellent addition to any home or apartment. As a Bluetooth speaker it provides exceptional sound quality. As an artistic piece, the Gramovox has all the charm and appeal of an antique gramophone with all the functionality of modern technology. The Gramovox is entirely self-contained allowing for easy transport between rooms or locations to provide surprising sound clarity wherever it goes. Additionally, as the Gramovox is a Bluetooth speaker you don’t need any extra wires or plugs to get the best of this matchless speaker. While other Bluetooth speakers can offer a similar performance what sets the Gramovox apart is that it is a perfect marriage of the old with the new. This retro device can add that extra flair to your room while give you some of the best sound quality imaginable.

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