Everykey: is It the End of Cumbersome Keys & Passwords That You Keep Forgetting?

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Everykey is a wristband, quite a fancy one at that. It looks like a stylish bracelet that has been designed for the fashion conscious. But inside the cool bracelet or wristband are some fine examples of tech wizardry. Everykey is basically the key with which you can unlock anything and everything around you, without any additional keys or even when you forget your passwords.

To make the technical mumbo-jumbo sound simple, Everykey uses Bluetooth connectivity to send encrypted passwords to recipient devices which have the ability to decrypt the password and thus you are allowed to log in or enter. You do have to setup the passwords before you begin but after that, you don’t need to do anything else. The wristband would do the open sesame. The makers claim that Everykey can be used on anything. You can open the doors of your home or unlock your car, access your home computer or your smart phone, use your credit cards online or do any locking and unlocking as long as your Everykey is within range of the device or vice versa.

The wristband is surely classy. There is as much aesthetic elegance in it as it is state of the art. The designers have surely borne in mind the need for tech gadgets to be cool or chic. But there are quite a few concerns that Everykey raises but doesn’t resolve.

Let us believe that the encryption and decryption is of military grade and it is beyond the capability of normal hackers and the ambit of usual cyber security threats, what’s the guarantee that the passwords will not get leaked. Surely, they are being saved somewhere. The designers or developers claim that the passwords are not saved on their servers. Instead, they are on the wristband or Everykey itself and that too in encrypted form. It is a little hard to believe that because Everykey is hooked to the servers and what’s to say those servers won’t get hacked. Keys to homes or cars at least cannot get stolen remotely but Everykey opens up a world of new threats. Besides, there isn’t enough light on how Everykey would actually unlock a door that doesn’t have a digital key or is not equipped with Bluetooth. Surely, the makers don’t expect one to redo the door and install digital locks with Bluetooth to make the purchase of Everykey relevant and useful.

Everykey might be many things but it doesn’t seem to fit into the normal scheme of things.