Bacon and Cheese

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All you want is the highest audio quality while enjoying your favorite tracks but you have not been able to find a single source that provides the quality that you desire. The audio market these days is more focused on quantity instead of quality. They only want to fill their libraries with music from all areas, including the latest numbers as well as archival hits. Quality is being compromised on.
There are only two ways that provide wireless access to music. One is Bluetooth which is far away from broadcasting high-quality audio. And the other is Wi-Fi which can only provide a CD quality. For the provision of high-quality music, there was a dire need to come up with a new technology.
Bacon delivers lossless 384 KHz/32 bit audio quality to multiple speakers by making use of propriety DUAL technology. To maintain its high quality, Bacon needed an equally strong amplifier. What else can be an ideal partner for Bacon other than Cheese?
The major goal is to provide high-quality sound with easier access.
Link digital music to Hi-Fi sound system:
We are fans of digital music these days. Everybody has one or more music apps on their Smart Phones and prefer to listen to music online. The more contemporary means of listening to music are losing popularity among masses. You can link the bacon with your Smart Phone and have an ultimate music experience.

Multi-room broadcasting:
The technology offers multi-room broadcasting without compromising on the quality of the music. Bacon will make your high-school party the most memorable one by providing top notch quality in sound.

Multiple music players:
Bacon has its compatibility with multiple music players. Be it Foobar, Kodi, iTunes, Tidal, Spotify or any other player, it works best with all of them. It has been designed in a way that the quality is ensured. You can enjoy the best sound on the music player of your choice.

Larger storage for Hi-res music:
It has an immense storage capacity. It can store larger numbers of Hi-Res songs in it. You’ll run out of the music of your music but there will still be ample space in the Bacon. Store it with the favorite music of your friends and family as well.

Isolate PC/NAS noise from Hi-Fi sound system:
It provides music completely isolated from the noise of PC/NAS. It provides clear sound with no distortion so you are not annoyed while listening to your favorite tracks.

Plug and Play:
All you have to do is plug in your headphones or speakers and start enjoying the high-quality music.
It overcomes all the drawbacks of previous technologies and only has the best to offer. The innovation in quality and technology with its compatibility with all the music resources is the biggest plus point of Bacon. For the best result in sound, combine it with Cheese. If you are planning to install a high-quality entertainment unit in your house, then Bacon & Cheese have to be the best choices for you.