Bloom Cooking Device: a State of the Art Kitchen Appliance!

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Call it a cooking device, a kitchen appliance or a multi-utilitarian utensil, the Bloom is certainly more than one thing. It is a device that can cook your food and help you to stir it or manage what you are cooking at the same time. The design of Bloom, although inspired from an obvious blossoming of a flower, is certainly sleek, fashionable and quite chic. How it performs will certainly determine the fate of the device but it does impress right at the onset.

Bloom is a cooking device designed by Aakanksha Rajhans. It has a circular platform on which the entire device is mounted. There is a bent stem arising out of the circular base and the stem branches out to a bud. The bud is the stagnant posture or design when the device is not working. As you begin to operate the device, the bud blossoms and six petals form the stirrer or cutter. There are many utilities of the Bloom.


First, Bloom allows you to cook anything at specific temperatures that you can control. When you are cooking, the petals would open up and they allow you to cut the food items or to stir the dish that you are cooking. This is the second feature which doesn’t need manual operation. The rotations of the petals are automated. The device can also generate the heat needed to cook any dish. All the controls are mounted on the back of the stem and require soft touches to be operated. The panel is also a display which shows the temperature of the system or the rotation per minute of the petals. The entire cooking device is heat resistant, the petals are made of high strength nonstick material and you can control the speed and degree of the petals as well. The petals have the ability to turn or rotate at varying degrees from a speed of just 10 rpm up to 8000 rpm.

Bloom is a sophisticated cooking device but it is not complicated to keep it clean. Bloom actually has a self cleaning mechanism where it uses steam to clean the petals and the harder to reach areas, which can get clogged with food and stains. Steam is an efficient cleanser and once the entire device has been steamed, all you need to do is wipe it off with a piece of clean cloth.