A Brief Review of Yotaphone 2

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The first YotaPhone had received mixed reviews. There were some who loved the idea and the specs. There were many who did not consider the phone worthwhile. YotaPhone 2 is a great improvement and already getting flattering reviews.

YotaPhone 2 is a ted expensive and it is mostly confined to trendy geeks.

YotaPhone 2

  • YotaPhone 2 has a number of advantages, the main one is that it comes with a dual-screen display. The E Ink screen which is the second screen is amazingly useful. The primary display is AMOLED and it has a fascinating resolution. The phone works fast and is very responsive. The design is cool and trendy.
  • To the flip side is the price, given the average quality of the camera, the grip of the phone or the manner in which one has to hold it while looking at the second display.

The design of YotaPhone 2 is considerably better than that of YotaPhone but the design is still not something that stands out. YotaPhone 2 should have had some amazing add-on physical features such as being waterproof or being resistant to dust, especially when you consider the high price. But none of those fancy but useful features make their way into the phone, which is quite a detractor.

We find great the fact that the second screen now has a multi-touch feature.

There are some cool features in the YotaPhone 2 such as the YotaMirror, YotaCover and YotaPanels, YotaSnap, YotaEnergy, and Yota-apps which are applications made only for the YotaPhones. These cool add-ons should appeal to savvy users. Energy-saving features is one of the most useful as these days phones run out of juice more often than frequently.


YotaPhone 2 will generate some great buzz, the only downside is the price.