Connection Key: Mechanic Advisor’s Answer to Car Problems

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Mechanic Advisor has been quite a phenomenon in the automobile industry. You may or may not have heard of it but if you are associated with the automobile industry or are an enthusiast then it is likely you are aware of the kind of work the company has done. For ordinary folks, Mechanic Advisor is to the auto repair industry what Yelp is to small businesses.

If you own a car, then you are likely to have problems. If you are unfortunate, then you would always have the problems when you are on the road, at times in the middle of nowhere. Car owners dread the idea of a broken transmission, failed brakes or a smoking engine. Every car owner wants to have some relief from those circumstances and would not mind taking a few steps that can avert such untoward instances. Fortunately, Mechanic Advisor has an answer to such concerns, the Connection Key.

The Connection Key is a diagnosing tool that goes beyond analyzing the problems in your car. When you have a problem, the check engine light would start to blink on your dashboard. Any car owner would fret at the idea of what’s in store. A layman would not understand much, either by the blinking light or even after the diagnostic codes are read. The Connection Key makes everything simple. It runs a real time diagnosis of the car and tells you in simple English what the problem is and what the course of action should be. The Key doesn’t stop there. It would go onto advice you the resolution to the problem and will also recommend a professional nearby who is a specialist in the particular problem. That technician will obviously be deft at normal servicing and repairs but the professional would be an expert in the type and make of your car and the specific problem you have.

The Connection Key can be hooked to your smart phone with the help of Bluetooth and it has a database of more than 20,000 diagnostic codes for vehicles made after 1996. Apart from diagnosing the problems and telling you what to do, the Key will also tell you if the problem is severe or minor. The diagnosis can be run in real time even if there is no problem. With the help of the app that comes with the Connection Key, you can track the health of your tires, the condition of your brakes, the schedule for servicing or oil change and more.