The Z is the Mouse for You

The Z is the Mouse for You

The technical era has brought with it an advancement in technology that keeps progressing so as to provide new ways to people to do their work as well as assist them in their technological work. One such recent invention that has swept the market is, ‘The Z’.

The Z is the tool that has come to aid the communication between you and your computer. This mouse is here for gamers, power users and designers. Unlike a traditional mouse, this mouse has been designed to increase the pace at which you interact with your computer.

Not only this, The Z has multiple exiting and unique features that make it the best mouse. Read the following specifications to find out what is there that makes it stand out:

It Tilts: Did you ever imagine a mouse that would tilt? You guessed it right. The Z tilts to perform actions unlike in an odd mouse that would demand you to use your fingers. The Z further performs three more tilting functions: leaning, crouching and reloading. Additionally, the tilt action also works as a modifier key to perform functions performed by the shift and control key.

Pivot Action: With the pivot action of this mouse, you can easily do two things simultaneously like running forward in a game and at the same time with the analog control you can look left and right. So, this is action is especially amazing for gamers. In addition, like in tilting you can also assign any action or modifier to a pivot.

In The Air: The Z is the perfect mouse for gamers because it also has an air control key that balances the air and ground level when you are playing a game.

50+ buttons: The Z has more than 50 buttons that do not require you to click. All you have to do is use the trigger to get your work done.

Mouse with a mat: The Z is wired mouse that comes with a mouse-mat so that there is no dragging and the cord is perfectly positioned so that there is no hindrance while using the mouse.

Precision Tool: The mouse offers a set of precision tools for designers so that their designing experience can be worthwhile. Some of the functions that it performs are zooming, panning and rotation in CAD.

Doesn’t this sound like the mouse that is made for YOU? The above points are just highlights to what the mouse has in store for you. To know more, you need to use it. So go ahead and use!