Powerup 3.0: Don’t Waste Time Making Your Own Paper Airplanes Anymore

Powerup 3.0: Don’t Waste Time Making Your Own Paper Airplanes Anymore

When you were a kid did you love to make paper airplanes? If you were like most kids the quality of those planes was probably hit or miss at best. Too many paper airplanes did nothing but fly in a quick circle before slamming into the ground, if they managed to get any lift under their wings at all.

Trying to figure the best way to fold paper airplanes was also a challenge, as many kids were never taught more than one simple folding technique. Today however you and your kids can enjoy watching paper airplanes fly with a nifty new machine that actually folds and launches the planes for you. Why is this important, other than the fact that it can make your boring afternoons a little less dull?


It’s All About the Technology

The technology behind this new PowerUp 3.0 gadget is not overly complicated although it does look impressive. A simple folding mechanism is contained inside a large chute or tube. The folding part of the tool itself is not new; there are paper folding machines that businesses have used for years, but this one offers more than just a standard fold for paper planes.

The chute is also somewhat simple as it just gently pushes the plane forward, and its gentle drift is no doubt one reason it works so well. The plane doesn’t need much force to fly but its lift is the key to a good flight.

More important than how much fun PowerUp 3.0 is, it really shows how even simple technology can create things that would otherwise be considered complicated. Today’s 3-D printers allow someone to create a number of various objects from scratch without complicated mechanics. In the same way, this new PowerUp 3.0 paper airplane maker uses simple technology to create and launch more complicated designs than what you grew up with as a kid.

Powerup 3.0

If this technology can be applied to something as simple as a paper airplane today, it’s difficult to imagine what it wouldn’t be able to create tomorrow even from the comfort of your own couch.