Wowwee Spyball: You Can Be 007 or Ethan Hunt in Your Family

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There are innumerable people, kids, and adults alike, who would love to have some fun at home with a few state of the art gadgets. Those who don’t have any penchant for gizmos and toys would possibly not be excited with the WowWee Spyball.

This small stealthy ball is for all those who wish to check out what’s happening in various parts of the house, who’s doing what, and who love to play pranks. On a serious front, the Spyball will also find some utility to keep a check on kids and what they are up to as well as keeping a check on what goes on outdoors while you are inside your home. Essentially a spycam, WowWee Spyball may have some amazing fun and useful applications.

The Spyball is a Wi-Fi enabled, remote-controlled spy cam. It comes in the shape of a normal ball which has a camera integrated inside. The camera pops open when one has to take a photo or shoot a video. Once done, the camera can pop back in. When the camera is not needed, the ball can be maneuvered in all directions quite stealthily. The ball has two wheels that make 360 degree turns possible. The ball can remain undetected till the time it has to pop open its cam and then it is a ride back to the owner or operator. The cam can be hooked to a phone, computer, laptop or even a video game console using the Wi-Fi feature and the operator or owner can see the live images that are recorded by the cam.

There are a few advantages of Spyball, especially in comparison with the Rovio webcam. Rovio is expensive and it is not as sophisticated or ergonomic as the Spyball. Moreover, the developers of Spyball, WowWee have promised to keep the price reasonable.

However, there are some flip sides to the story as well. The Spyball was first announced in 2009 and there hasn’t been much news as to whether it is ready for production or if it would be ready for the stores anytime soon. Although a reasonable price has been promised, no figure has been mentioned and the price is yet to be decided even today. Whether the project is shelved or not one cannot say, but the available information is certainly limited.