Trackr Bravo – the Slimmest Tracking Device in the World

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Do you keep losing your car keys, house keys, your phone or don’t remember where you kept your wallet, charger or anything else? Some people never lose anything. They are always conscious of every item they own and where they have kept it. But the count of such people is almost negligible. Most people keep forgetting stuffs and it is not because people are forgetful but because there is so much that goes on in the mind at most times that it becomes difficult to remember all the little things, no matter how important they are.

TrackR Bravo is going to change the world for you. It will not be able to stop you from losing your items or forgetting where you kept them, although it can help a little, but it can certainly reduce the time which you would unavoidably spend looking for the misplaced or lost items. Most people spend more time looking for the item than thinking where the item might be. That’s where TrackR Bravo comes in. Never lose another item and never spend even five minutes wondering where your belongings are.

TrackR Bravo is as slim and small as a coin. It is light but sturdy; it is stuffed up with a lot of features but looks sophisticatedly small and elegant. TrackR Bravo can be used on anything for all kinds of tracking. You can use it with your keys, on your tablet, in your laptop bag, wallet, as a dog collar, in your jacket, on your bike or in your car and you can always find new ways to use the tracker to specially keep track of items that you need or know that you may end up misplacing or forgetting about them.

Trackr Bravo Software

TrackR Bravo comes with an app that can run on Android and iOS devices. You can control all features of TrackR from the app itself and you can customize your little tracker as well. You can opt for a color of your choice, a design that you like for the purpose you have in mind, you can get some message or information engraved onto the tracker and you can use the world’s largest crowd GPS network to track your items. From making your lost item ring due to the tracker being hooked onto it to getting distance indicators to get to your item, TrackR Bravo is the smarter way to look for things. It can also be used to track your misplaced phone, should you misplace the tracking facilitator instead of the item meant for tracking.