Store & Charge Your Tablet & Phone at Your Bedside with Z-charge

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Where do you keep your phone or tablet when you are asleep? Some people keep them tucked under their pillows. Some keep the gadgets at their bedside table. Many people keep them on their study table which is in most cases a few steps away from the bed. Storing nifty gadgets such as phones, tablets or e-readers is not a challenge but storing them at a convenient place is. Most people tend to use their smartphones, tablets, or e-readers right up to the point when they can no longer keep their eyes open and need to sleep. In such a scenario, getting up to keep the gadgets on a table or tucking them under the pillow is not the best solution.

In comes Z-Charge which is conveniently placed next to your bed where you can store your phone, tablet, and e-reader, or any other small gadget that you own. What’s even better is that these gadgets can be charged while being stored. Today, phones and tablets run out of juice even before the sun is down. With apps running all the time and multimedia content running in high definition, the batteries are exhausted much before we would like them to. One cannot carry a charger everywhere and stay away from the gadgets for several minutes throughout the day is not a possibility either. The best solution is to charge them overnight, and what better way can you do that than placing them next to your bed, in a pouch and having them charged all night. All the while, the tablet or smartphone or e-reader would be within an arm’s length from you.

Z-Charge comes with a facility to store and charge up to six devices or gadgets. Lest your partner or another person be disappointed at not having the facility, Z-Charge is available on both sides of the bed. Three charging and storing points on each wing and the entire connecting fabric strap with Velcro safely tucked under the mattress, Z-Charge is one of the most utilitarian and necessary pieces of tech to be unraveled in the recent past. It is thus no surprise that the device won the Best Technology award at the 2014 RDS Ideal Home Exhibition.

Z-Charge is the need of the hour. When you cannot wake up in the middle of the night and reach out to your phone that is at a distance when keeping your phone tucked under your pillow is not a safe thing to do and when you need to charge your devices overnight, Z-Charge is your best friend.