Is the Parrot Rolling Spider a Toy for Kids or a Toy for You?

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The Parrot Rolling Spider is the newest drone toy that is controlled by your smartphone and which can be Bluetooth activated. It’s lightweight at only 55 grams, and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. It offers some nifty features for a phone-activated drone but chances are it’s not a toy for the kids but instead, one for you!


Why It’s So Fun

The Parrot has oversized detachable tires that allow it to easily bounce off walls and even the ceiling when it flies, which is good because its size makes it more appropriate for indoor use than for an outdoor toy. It can also scale walls and even take selfies from the air, making it fun to watch and to interact with.

The body of the Parrot easily hides all the wires so it’s safer around the house than a drone with anything exposed, and the downloadable app that you use for its control is very easy to learn and to use. It was built with a vast array of sensors that make it fun for use in the house, as you can more readily navigate around doorways and other obstacles than if you tried to fly a standard remote-controlled plane around the room. It also holds steady with a great balancing feature so that it can look like it’s being held by a string from the ceiling, making it good for taking pictures below.

Some Cautions

While it can be fun, the battery of the Parrot doesn’t last long and does need to be recharged quite often. The camera only points down so you don’t get a POV angle when using it. The communication between the phone or Bluetooth is also somewhat slow so it can only receive so many commands every minute. Trying to get it to do anything too quickly may result in a complete loss of control. If a user understands this however and is looking for a fun toy to buzz around the house, the Parrot can be the perfect option for adults and kids alike.