What’s Better Than a Tiffin Box of Sound?

What’s Better Than a Tiffin Box of Sound?

Nothing beats the fun and excitement which you have when you get a sound system installed in your place. A synchronized system, which once operated from one place, will lighten-up whole of your house with the sound of your favorite song. This, however, is an expensive commodity as a sound system, expanding over your place, costs you a great deal of money. You can, however, tackle this by simply buying the Encircle 360 Speakers.

When you’re out to buy an external Bluetooth speaker, you must have noticed that these are the singular products, and that the two individual speakers can’t be easily merged into a single one. Though this is a difficult process but it isn’t impossible either. The Encircle 360 Speakers promise such merging. With the help of Encircle 360, you will be able to rack up different speakers one over the other and compile them just like a tiffin box and carry them wherever you want. You can use them tied together, just like a huge blasting speaker, or you can untie the box of speakers into individuals ones and can spread them all over your place. With a single touch of button, all of your house will be charged up with sound.


The most amazing thing about these speakers is their extremely subtle design. Each speaker is equal to a regular disc in diameter, however their width is large. Even after racking up one above the other, these speakers consume only a small amount of space. The speakers can be tied together with the help of a strip which supports USB ports at each end. Lastly, another amazing thing about the design of Encircle 360 Speakers is that these are designed in black matte color with thin strips of turquoise at the borders.

The speakers come with a Bluetooth feature and can be easily synchronized with your smartphone or your laptop. After establishing the connection, you are able to listen to your favorite music, speeches etc. from anywhere in your house. All you need to do is place the speakers at different parts of your house and play the song from your tech device.

The easily portability of the speakers makes it easy for you to take them with yourself, wherever you go. You can keep them in your backpack and carry on your vacations. Listening to music has been made a lot easy and fun with Encircle 360 Speakers.