Child Monitoring Becomes Easy with Invidyo

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In the busy era where men and women both work outside their homes to earn a living; they have to sacrifice their time that they use to spend with their children. Leaving your home and your child behind can be heart-breaking, you miss many important moments of your baby. However, this sadness and disappointment will no longer stay. Why so? Because Invidyo- the new child monitoring device, is here.

Invidyo is an intelligent device that functions to capture special moments of your child during the day. It is able to do this because it has a face and emotion recognition technology that identifies your baby’s important moments. This is not it, Invidyo has a number of key features and applications that make it the world’s best child monitor device. You only need to connect to the Invidyo app.

What are the features/apps?

  • Invidyo makes short clips that highlight your child’ day and is called the ‘Magic Moment Clip’.
  • It is a known fact that a baby’s smile is the best thing in the entire world and more so for parents. For this reason, Invidyo is designed to take snaps of your child when he/she smiles and makes an album of those snaps.
  • This child monitor is very smart indeed because it recognizes you, your child and the caretaker.
  • Invidyo has a ‘stranger alert’ feature that notifies you if there is someone unknown at your place.
  • Usually crying is not a good sign; Invidyo is also sensitive about this and thus informs you when your baby cries.
  • Invidyo not only monitors your baby but also the temperature changes in your baby’s environment. If something is unusual, it will notify you.
  • Sometimes it becomes hard for a baby to calm down without the presence of his/her guardian and this is why Invidyo lets you calm down your baby straight through the phone.
  • Captures clear and smooth videos with the best quality audio.
  • Has wired and wireless options and a built-in battery that lets it continue for at least an hour without electricity/internet.

Doesn’t this sound like a life saver? Without a doubt, this is the best device till date. Even though we leave our children with caretakers but there is always a sense of separation that builds when you leave but now with Invidyo you can communicate, see and monitor your child’s behavior and movements from a distance.