Halo Smart Shaver – Effective Customised Shaving

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Shaving is an important part in the life of most men. Some enjoy a clean shave while others like to keep a stubble. However, shaving can be very frustrating sometimes as you blades get old and blunt. This leaves you rubbing them over and over again along your face which ultimately leaves the skin rough and dry. In some case, blades can leave nasty cuts.

We all know that technology is a vital part of our lives so it is not surprising that it would soon reach to the way men shave. It is also common knowledge that many shaving blades companies use technology to come up with better blades and designs to give customers an experience of a smoother shave. Moreover, many men are also using electric shavers.

All of these products are great on their own but what if you get a customised shave? What if you get a gadget that would know your face from each angle and adjusted itself accordingly to give you the best shaving experience ever?

No more worries because Halo is here. Halo is a smart shaving device that is capable of leaning the contours of your face after the first few shaves. After that, it will give you a customised shave every time you use it. Furthermore, it also works as trimmer and you have the option to choose your desired length.

Features of the Halo Shaving Device

Halo comes with gyroscopic positioning sensors on its head and each corner. These sensors allow the device to learn the edges and contours of your face. After you have used the device a few time, it will become completely familiar with your face. Therefore, you will get a customised and smooth shaving experience each time.

The device also allows you to trim your beard. You can choose your desired length and the device will you the perfect trim. On the other hand, Halo features the fingerprint technology so that others can’t mess up the customisation.

This is an intelligent use of technology for grooming purposes. The design has been created by Debaser Design and makes shaving experience far better than the way we know it. With this impressive gadget, men don’t have to worry about blunt blades or a bad looking shave anymore. This is surely an incredible new gadget to take the simple act of shaving to new levels.