Bebe – Changing the Plant Watering System

Bebe – Changing the Plant Watering System

Tuvi has introduced an amazing plant watering system, using the green technology, called BEBE. It is extremely vital for one to water the plants in order to ensure effective and efficient plant growth. BEBE is a smart and efficient water dispenser that is specifically designed to provide water to the plants.

As we all know that most of the plants die nowadays due to lack of water, as people normally forget to water their plants and eventually, the plants die. Ajay Chowdhary came up with the innovative design of this device, which is proficient at delivering water regularly automatically. You do not have to water your plants manually on a daily basis once you start using BEBE.

Innovative Plant Watering Technique:

This innovative device is equipped with the ultimate water indicator sensor, which provides you with a digital notification to alert you whenever the bottle gets empty. Other than that, the graphic present inside the BEBE starts to glow according to the water level present inside the bottle, so that you can notice it quite easily. This is the ultimate device for the people who want to grow a number of plants in their house but they either keep forgetting to water them, or they are too busy to take care of the watering needs of the plant.

BEBE is an exceptional tool for people like these and it allows you to refill the bottle once it gets empty. Plus, you can keep a check through the glowing graphics inside the bottle. Simply adjust the device inside the pot of the plant and it will perform its task efficiently. This extremely innovative watering tool comes with a mobile application to take your plant watering experience to a whole new level. You would receive a notification on your smartphone that your watering tool, BEBE, is getting empty. Gone are the days when one had to water their plants on a daily basis and perform other tasks of the daily routine.

The BEBE plant watering tool is designed in the shape of a mushroom along with a cap present on top for you to open and fill it with water.  Tuvie and Ajay Chowdhary have changed the plant watering system for the world and made it extremely better and easier for this generation.