Superbook is My New Laptop

Superbook is My New Laptop

Superbook is my new laptop. Ever wished to use your android on a big screen and unlimited mobile interface? Yes, Superbook is meant to be yours. It’s the ultimate accessory for your smart phone. It transforms your smart phone into a laptop at the price of a video game. It was designed to use your portable and convenient smart phone with a big screen.

Your mini laptop is amazing but fails to accomplish the tasks it’s gifted with. Superbook allows you to use your smart phone as your laptop. The feature that attracts the users is the option of the large screen that allows the use of a smart phone on a different level. You will love the key features like the multi-touch track pad, keyboard, almost 9 hours of battery time and obviously the best one is the large screen.

The innovative design of this device is to give ease to the users. It launches the app to deliver the laptop experience when plugged into your Android smart phone. You can do everything using Superbook that you do on your laptop. Work on office applications, play games, craft programs or browse, there are a wide range of unlimited prospects you can benefit from.

Superbook provides you with fun time and easy access on things you plan to do anywhere and at anytime.

  • You can browse internet and access your inbox.
  • Energize yourself with that cup of coffee in your favorite coffee shop and edit the documents you need for the presentation on your new project next week. The complete office suite is attuned with Andromium. Work on the presentations and formulate the spreadsheets from your Superbook.
  • Do you want to relax? Take some time off work? Superbook can do that for you. Download thousands of compatible games from Google Play store and enjoy playing games.
  • Superbook is the best thing you can have to craft a program sitting on your sofa. It’s the perfect tool for beginners or a veteran developer.

Invest in Superbook and don’t struggle to maintain or upgrade outdated devices again. Don’t waste money on upgrading softwares. It’s compatible with all the Android devices, laptops, tablets, PC sticks and Macs. Enjoy a new laptop every time you use Superbook. You can pick Superbook Special in solid Blue and Gold colors.  Employ your Golden or Blue Superbook and flaunt the innovative device to your friends.