Google Onhub Router: Powerhouse Internet

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At first glance, you may think the Google OnHub Router is a speaker product. It isn’t. This is a home networking product. While you might be thinking that are lots of similar types of things on the market, the Google OnHub Router is still worth a serious look. There is no question that Google knows how to put out unique, fun, and useful gadgets. It would seem that the Google OnHub Router does an exceptional job of continuing that tradition.

How Google OnHub Router Works

By now, most of us have what could be described as a love/hate relationship with WiFi. We love what WiFi brings to the table. That doesn’t mean we love everything about WiFi. There are some considerable hassles that can cut productivity or leisure in half. The Google OnHub Router is designed to alleviate at least some of that suffering.

The features associated with the Google OnHub Router are pretty impressive when taken as a whole. For example, when the device has to update itself, it will be able to do this without interrupting your service. Furthermore, if there are any problems, it will not only relate this information in terms you will be able to understand, but it will also show you what to do to fix the problem. It can show you all of the devices that are currently connected to your network. It can even allow you to dictate priority across any and all devices hooked up to your router.

You can also count on the 13-antenna ray to handle anything you might have in mind. Bluetooth Smart Ready support is included. Even initial sync with Android devices is possible.

Advantages Of Google OnHub Router

The simple, attractive design of the Google OnHub Router is combined with effortless portability. This is a router product that really does give you everything you could ever need.