Phone Cell – Imprisoning Your Cell Phone

Phone Cell – Imprisoning Your Cell Phone

Majority of people, are addicted to their cell phones. First thing they see when they get up, and the last thing before going to sleep also. Approximately 94% of phone owners their ages lying between 18-35 use their phone as an alarm and 89% out of them start using their phones immediately rather than being productive early in the morning.

This unhealthy addiction does not let them do anything. It is if they have some kind of charismatic hold over us. The cell phones have put us in their prison of time killing activities.

People tend to spend too much time on their phones which is disturbing. People have stopped enjoying the natural things turning people into phone zombies. Cell phones have turned people into slaves creating Stockholm syndrome.

To deal with these severe addicts, Hans Ramzan has come up with an amazing invention the “Phone Cell”, which will lock up your phone.

Here is how it works:

The security system in the phone cell, linear actuator, is similar to that of a car lock. The pin of the actuator goes into slot which is a hole in the lid allowing the device to lock. This lock is disabled when the user has achieved the target and scans the given cell key into the Phone Cell.

Do not fear that the phone battery may die locked away in the box. A USB port allows charging .

The Phone Cell also acts as the alarm which is set via the app of Phone Cell. The data syncs from the app to the Phone Cell. The in-built speaker allows the music to be played.

Pretty much similar like the snooze button, a bail button tends to disable the alarm which will resume in two minutes.  But it is not like the way you turn off your snooze button. Whenever bail button is pressed the Phone Cell shall give out a loud sound which will only be turned off manually using the phone app so, you will have to get up.

A key which can be worn with wrist strap or a clip allows the user to unlock the Phone Cell or 20 steps at least which will allow you to be done with your freshening up in the morning. And upon returning, the steps being completed the Cell will be unlocked after detecting the completed target.

To have some me-time your phone needs to do some time!