Smart Ring – Gesture Control for Almost Everything

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We all like Sci-Fi movies, mostly because we get to see people with superhuman powers. Believe it or not, but by purchasing a simple wearable named Ring you can get some interesting “powers”, similar to those ones. The smart Ring is a wearable input device that enables you to perform gesture control for just about anything you want. Be it answering your phone, controlling home appliances or your car, among others.

Another interesting feature is text transmission — believe it or not you can actually write letters in mid air, at an imaginary level and see the results. The Ring will then recognize them as being texts, then send them to the recipient you choose.

Alongside that, you can also use the Ring for payment information transmission. Through this function you have the opportunity to finish the payment process for your bills just by performing a single gesture, quickly and with complete precision.

Ring provides you with nifty notifications. It will let you know through vibration if there’s something worth your attention.

You can open apps, each one has its own gesture mark. And since the device also has a smartphone application, you can use that to edit the gestures, add new ones or perform any type of customization that you need.

Developers can download the SDK and create Ring enabled applications which enhance the abilities of this product.

We find the Ring device to be a very interesting and useful device. The box comes with the device, application, micro USB cable, manual and battery stand. You can get it right now for 269.99$.