Respeaker – the Ultimate Voice Interaction

Respeaker – the Ultimate Voice Interaction

As soon as you think that things can’t get any better than this, technology brings you with the new and improved gadgets and devices so you can cherish for a longer time. The ReSpeaker allows you to stream music wirelessly by connecting it simply with an AUX cable. Other than that, it also has various other innovative uses.

It also provides voice assistance, which is capable of fulfilling simple tasks for you whenever you would command it to. It allows you to make efficient contact with your toy robot, other home appliances, your plant, office, other devices equipped with internet, and several other things from your routine, for proficient control.

Significant Features:

Here are a few of the significant features of the ReSpeaker:

1.     Recognition of Speech:

It consists of a built-in microphone, which allows it to respond to your voice and recognize your discourse that is based on the potent online cognitive services, for instance, Google Speech API, Houndify, Microsoft Cognitive Service, and other such services. The device is efficient enough to spot keywords even in offline mode. With the use of the SD card, you can extend the storage capacity and with the incorporated lightweight speech recognition engine, you can store audio files and implement the speech recognition at any time, without an internet connection.

2.     Wireless Music Streaming:

ReSpeaker does not form distance with the world of music entertainment, just like voice interface. It supports DLNA and Airplay specifically for wireless streaming of music. You just have to connect the ReSpeaker to any of the regular speakers, using an AUX cable, so as to enjoy the music you love without having to press a single button. The device is utterly easy to use, so make sure you take complete advantage of it.

3.     Developing Features:

The developers of the ReSpeakers are always working for the improvement of the device, so as to enhance your experience with it. The team keeps adding plug-ins so that it can cover as many effects as possible for the people to have voice interactions proficiently. However, the users with more technical knowledge can strive to develop their very own plug-ins, using the Python APIs.


Other than the plug-in system, the Respeaker is also extendable with hardware add ons. Near future you would be able to explore and admire more possibilities attached to the Respeaker.