Disaster Dispatch Search – Recuing People the Smart Way

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Rescue operations are not always as heroic as we see them on the TV. There is no doubt that many men have shown huge and commendable amounts of bravery while saving victims in distress and preventing tragedies. However, rescue missions are never without risk. Moreover, each situation is different and sometimes, factors are involved that can’t be dealt with human strength and bravery alone.

Technology has allowed us to make our lives far better than it was in the past. There is hardly any aspect of life that has not been affected by technology. One way to use technology in a positive sense is to integrate it with rescue missions. Human intelligence has helped create technology that can help in situations where humans can physically fail or face a lot of risk.

Disaster Dispatch Search (DDS)

The DDS is robot style drone. It does not have the ability to fly like most drones but has been designed to track over various types of terrains. It comes with a single large wheel with two mechanical legs with feet on either side. The DDS can use the wheel and the feet according to what type of the terrain it is present on. The small body of the drone and its mechanical design allows it to rescue victims intelligently, especially in places where humans are unable to go or there is a lot of risk. For example, a victim might be stranded in a tight space and the DDS can easily fit into it while another human can’t; not without risking their own health.
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Advantages of DDS

The wheel of the DDS allows it to easily move over flat surfaces while the feet help with rough terrains.  The robotic drone can find victims in distress even in the most tightest and toughest of places. Once it finds the people who need to be rescued, it has the ability to guide them back to safety.

The DDS has been designed by Ryohei Ikebe who belongs to the Phiaro Corporation. This is an incredible use of technology to smartly and effectively rescue people without putting life of the potential saviour in danger as well. It is not uncommon to come across difficult rescue conditions like in case of bad earthquakes or other natural disasters. The DDS can help save lives quickly and be a companion to rescue parties.