Sleep Well with the Qua Effect

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Does your child also face problems while sleeping? It is a common observation that people, especially kids, have issues when they go to bed at night. So, what’s the solution? Medicines and drugs are not an option as they cause dire effects on your health. Of the limited options you have at your exposure to help your child go to sleep, one is the Qua Effect.

It is a beautiful looking box which uses water and LED lights to produce a ripple effect on your walls. This ripple effect is mainly due to textured glass walls of the device. The effect mimics the inside of a mother’s womb, thus producing soothing effect for the brain which ultimately helps your kid fall asleep.

Design Details

The shape of this delicate gadget is inspired from Eva the robot. Its upper end is smaller in diameter compared to the base. Details of the design are discussed below:

  • The central part is made of textured glass which makes the main body of the gadget.
  • The base and the top, separated by the main body, are composed of synthetic plastic.
  • The gadget is supported using small wooden legs at the bottom
  • In the main body, a round LED panel is present which produces lighting effects
  • An air hole at the bottom; air goes up producing ripples in the water. Water is added from an opening at the top.


There are two basic functions performed by this beautiful looking machine.

  • Humidifier: The first function worth mentioning is that it helps you maintain the humidity level in your room. The added water is purged into the atmosphere from the top, which caters for the low moisture level during the winter season.
  • Ripple Effect: The other function is the soothing effect produced by the ripple designs on your walls. As a result, you feel comfortable and ultimately fall asleep early and wake up fresh next morning.


To operate this gadget, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Plug in a power source;
  • Then push lid button at the top and add water inside the gadget;
  • Afterwards, push the power button at the base to start the ripple effect;
  • In the end, push the control button to adjust the intensity of ripples

The design hasn’t hit the market yet. But, it’s in the pipeline. It is one of those which you should add to your bucket list and order immediately when gets introduced into the market, for sale.