Oh Hello Hyperar – Defying the Elements

Oh Hello Hyperar – Defying the Elements

The world of automobiles, especially cars has grown dramatically over the last few years. From carriages to hyper cars, we have witnessed a drastic revolution in the car manufacturing industry – and have seen many companies rise and fall. Most producers have revamped their cars, in order to provide more convenience, better fuel consumption and an overall higher performance to the consumers. In this evolving and fast paced technology controlled era, the newest buzzword in town is the Oh Hello Hypercar; designed by One One Lab – Design Studio!

The Oh Hello Hypercar is basically based on the Seligia Hypercar Concept; and is one of the sleekest automobiles in the town. With an elegant yet bold aesthetic and a design beyond exquisite, the Oh Hello Hypercar is the perfect example of style meets comfort.


The low-slung speedster is the ultimate combination of an ultra-light construction and an aerodynamic body. With an exceptionally beautiful outlook, it also allows you make an impact on the bystanders – from wherever you pass. Using a low-drag design, advanced composite materials and overlapping with an exceptionally comfortable hybrid drive, this masterpiece has all the capabilities of becoming your dream car.

The major focuses of the car’s design is to ace out the power house of the car and combine the power with an exterior driven towards an aerodynamic design – allowing the car to maximize the speed while minimizing the wind resistance simultaneously. This allows this hypercar to become one of the fastest cars in the market today.

Key Features:

  • With a multicolor combination at its best, this car offers a luxurious and sporty effect to all this avid car fanatics out there.
  • The carbon fiber body allows extremely strength and durability of all the exterior body parts.
  • The multicolored soilers and carbon fiber rims have been combined in order to give the wheels a beautiful outlook and firm control.
  • The bottom is covered with a hard and durable body integrated spoiler.
  • The Electro Transparent Panoramic Roof provides an exceptional view of the sky – while you ride in your Oh Hello Hypercar.
  • The active aerodynamics and wind breaks provide exceptional safety during rush hours.
  • The roof has been equipped with a brake-fitted spoiler, in order to make sure the car stops on the right moment.
  • The most engaging feature would be the transparent spoilers on the back of the car.

If you’re looking for the newest and the most engaging technology trends in the market these days – the Oh Hello Hypercar is certainly ranked amidst the top ones!