The Ultimate B99 Foosball Experience

The Ultimate B99 Foosball Experience

Every gamer wants to have an ultimate foosball table in their house. The B99 foosball is the ultimate table that can not only serve as a great indoor sport for you and your family but it is also more fun to use. The game itself is not modern, however, this game first originated as a humble tribute to football. A genuine foosball fan would always want a foosball table of his own to enjoy in his own household.

There is a wide variety of foosball tables available in the stores and on the websites online, but the B99 foosball table still remains as the ultimate foosball table, which is surely going to enhance your foosball experience. The B99 is loaded with some of the most hi-tech additions for you to enjoy while playing foosball. The basic design of the table remains the same as before, but the color scheme and the form of the table is glossier than it ever was.

The developers have come up with an amazing scheme which allows you to synchronize your phone with the foosball table. Gone are the days when the foosball table was only spotted in the fancy game rooms or watering holes, as B99 comprises of synthesizing technology with an innovative design. The main idea of the designers and the developers is to train the individual for foosball with the use of a smartphone application that works simultaneously with the B99 foosball table.

The hi-tech fun of this amazing table does not just end here, as the table is incorporated with a Bang and Olufsen sound system for an extremely enhanced experience. The creative vision of the developers represents an incredible idea, which gives you the statistics of the game and even replays on the moves, and thus, you can perform better than ever before. It’s not just a hi-tech foosball table as it can increase the glam of your house while providing you with functionality and entertainment at the same time.

There is no doubt in the fact that the B99 foosball table would serve as a luxurious lifestyle product for your house, and thus, it would definitely not prove to be an unnecessary purchase. It does not matter if you consider this table as a full-fledge sport or a table-top game, but one has to appreciate the exclusivity of this table.

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