Alfa Romeo Aw30

Alfa Romeo Aw30

Car manufacturers are always on the verge of coming up with one of the best car designs to mesmerize a large number of people all over the world. Most of the car manufacturers strive to design a luxurious car or a sports car, as these are the two car types that are admired the most. Apart from the standard types of cars, for instance, MPV, supercar, etc., the car manufacturers are always looking for an inspiration that can lead them to make the design of the ultimate concept car.

This is one of the reasons why some of the concept cars have extremely fascinating designs as the manufacturers actually turn the concept into reality. These cars are mostly integrated with the most interesting and innovative design and technology. The manufacturers design these cars in an attempt to notice how far they can apply technology and design into the structure of the car. Note: As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Incredible Design and Features:

The Alfa Romeo AW30 is the new and the ultimate concept car. It is considered to be the F1 concept car but that has much more advanced technology integrated. This car has the design and structure of a racecar, one like you have never seen before. The design of the Alfa Romeo AW30 is actually inspired by the common racecars, even though it is quite different from the regular racecar that you would come across these days. It has a rare structure which makes it seem like the car is from the future.

The Alfa Romeo AW30 definitely has some wild lines and the aggressive details add onto the body of the car. There is no doubt that the structure of the car is beast-like with the perfect blend of elegance. The best feature of the car is that it comes with a solar-powered battery, which is the main power source of this concept car. It also uses the wind as an alternative power source and might be the only car up till now to use the wind as a power source. This ultimate concept racecar is integrated with a 284 horsepower motor, which is initiated with wind power.

The wind is basically directed into the body of the car when the driver turns it on, enhancing the experience of the driver.