Roost Smart Battery: Power Your Smoke Detectors Smartly

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Smoke detectors serve a very important purpose. However, they tend to have a battery problem from time to time. Typically, batteries used in smoke detectors don’t last more than a year and when they run out of juice, you are left with the chirping sound. Whether you are asleep or just waking up, the chirping sound can be very irritating. What’s worse is that the sound is not confined to your home or office. They would, to an extent, alert the neighbors as well. You may be very proactive with the batteries in your home or you may be out of town and the smoke detectors lay dead for many weeks. In any type of situation, you should consider a smart alternative.

Roost smart battery offers that alternative. This battery doesn’t require you to buy a new smoke detector or any new system. You can use your existing detectors and simply replace the existing batteries with the Roost smart battery.

The Roost smart battery is connected to the internet as well. It will alert you whenever the smoke alarm gets activated, you can access the emergency numbers, that of the fire station, police and other civic departments with a one touch feature and you will be intimated when your battery is running out of juice. This will allow you to replace the battery before it dies out or even before the irritating chirping sound begins. The Roost smart battery app is easy to use and quite rich in features.

Roost smart battery is going to be pegged at a price of $35 and it would be available in the stores from June 2015.

Now, the question is whether you would buy this battery or not. The price seems to be much more than what conventional batteries, ala the 9V ones would cost. However, the conventional batteries last for just a year or even less if you are unlucky. The Roost battery will last for five years and it is also compatible with carbon monoxide detectors.

Your home or office is likely to have smoke detectors and quite a few of them depending on the size of your property. The cost of those many batteries can add onto quite a lump sum amount. That will make you think twice or possibly multiple times before buying a Roost. But if you have only one smoke detector or two, then you can always invest in these batteries which are clearly better than conventional batteries.