Mune – the Innovative Electronic Instrument

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They say that Mune is the innovate device which blends together the influence of electronic music with the expressions and the simplicity of the acoustic instrument. It is basically a digital instrument which is inspired by the auditory instruments, and is considered to be expressive, and simple enough to collect and play.

Your contact with the music can be easily seen by the audience. It allows you to play the synthesizer, piano, form drum beats, and feel like a momentous DJ. You do not have to know all of the technical conditions or be a professional musician in order to use Mune, as it is quite easy to use and play!

The Sound of Mune:

This is possibly the best part of using this electronic instrument as it is a multi-purpose instrument, which allows you to play anything and produce sound like anything and like nothing that you have ever gotten the chance to hear before. Feel like a complete professional musician as you play your own original notes. You can have your own collection of new sounds or music, whatever melody you would prefer playing or listening to, whether play melodies, chords, beats, or control the music effects.

Built for Performance:

Take your love for music to the next level with Mune, as you can pick up your device from the table and show the world that electronic musicians are just as good as the professional musicians. It is designed to be equally proficient and efficient as the real instruments, and would enhance your experience of a traditional performance and would blend it with the digital production of music.


Here are a few of the important features for you to know:

  • Mune allows you to play in many different ways, for instance, play it on your table, on your knee, or on your shoulder strap.
  • The high-quality touch sensors would accelerate efficiently allowing many different parameters to play individually at once, which enriches the expressions of the music effects.
  • Mune is a universal technology that is compatible enough to use it with any of the music software that you want to use.

The electronic instrument, Mune, allows you to connect it to Wi-Fi or connect it to Bluetooth within 50 meters of range. It has a battery life of 6 hours and supports MIDI.