Obilab is the New Drumkit

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Music is an auditory art form that entails the understanding and knowledge of audible sounds and silence. Also, this art form is a platform that teaches you the skill of organizing sounds and silence. Other than it being an art form it is also a medium of expression this is why some songs are sad, happy, patriotic, etc.

All these forms of expression can be understood not only through the lyrics but also through pitch, rhythm, timbre and articulation of the sound. Music can and is also used for aesthetic, communicative, ceremonial and entertainment purposes.

Moreover, every musical beat or sound that is produced has a certain frequency and every musical composition played on a different instrument will bring about different results. For example, a song that you will play on a piano will sound different when played on a different instrument, like a guitar.

This is why every song and tune is produced and played on different and specific instruments. Thus, each instrument has an importance in the world of music. Speaking of importance, an instrument that has gained popularity is a drum because usually college boys and girls make a band so as to attract an audience and display their skills.

But, there is no doubt in the fact that drumkits are expensive to buy. However, a new drumkit is in town. It is called the Obilab.

The Obilab is a cardboard drumkit that has been designed to address three main problems:

  • Drums are known to be expensive
  • Usually, drums are loud, inconvenient and heavy to carry
  • Assembling the drumkit is time taking

Because of these problems, students are mostly advised by teachers to make their own drumkits but wouldn’t that be time taking as well? For this reason, Obilab has been designed and that too out of cardboard so that you do not have to do it yourself. Secondly, being made out of cardboard makes it easy for the players to carry it with them like a bag pack and open their kit effortlessly and anywhere without worrying about assembling it. The assemblage takes only 2 minutes and so does the folding. Additionally, this drumkit is inexpensive, especially when compared to other drumkits. Unlike other drumkits, the sound produced by Obilab is acoustic. It is 10 times quieter than the other drumkits and this is why it is safe for your ears. Also, because it is not loud like others, you can use it for unplugged sessions.

This is not it, there is a lot more to the drumkit which you can find out too, only if you get one. So try it now!