Braun Bounce Headphones

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Headphones have become one of the latest fashion accessories of the modern age. While people shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars on headphones from a former rapper or ones that cancel out all sound; the Braun Bounce Headphones stand out among the rest. While they may not have the latest technology or the endorsement of a 90’s era celebrity they do have a gorgeous real wood finish that is both fashionable and unique.

Product Description

The Braun Bounce Headphones are a simple headphone design with a polished real wood finish exterior. They offer ultra-soft ear cushions as well as an all-purpose headband that compliments the real wood look. While the Braun Bounce Headphones don’t have the latest in bass boosting audio or external noise canceling they do offer a simple, fashionable, and comfortable experience. Sometimes simple is better.

How does it work?

As a simple headphone design the Braun Bounce Headphones work as most headphones should by providing comfortable, focused sound minimizing external noise while not disturbing the people around you. Outside of this, the Braun Bounce Headphones are just like every other headphone only with a different look to it than others. The soft ear cushions allow for a comfortable fit with the simple adjustable band making it one size fits all. Outside of the aesthetic appeal the Braun Bounce Headphones doesn’t have much more to offer. Anyone looking a simple but unique set of headphones the Braun Bounce Headphones is perfect. These headphones are perfect for anyone that just wants a modest set of headphones for business trips, traveling to and from work or school, or just an easy to use set of headphones to take with you.


Overall the Braun Bounce Headphones is well constructed and offers everything you can expect from a modern set of headphones; however, while simple they do have a very interesting appeal in their unique design. The Braun Bounce Headphones is both comfortable and stylish with their polished real-wood exterior. However, the Braun Bounce Headphones are not by any means the latest and greatest technologically speaking. They won’t neutralize external sound, they won’t give you ear-splitting volume or bass, and they won’t cost you a small fortune. While many modern headphones come with a lot of bells and whistle and can cost an exurbanite amount, the Braun Bounce Headphones gives you everything you need in a headphone in one simple, and stylish package.