The O Shaped Ipod – Apple at Its Finest

The O Shaped Ipod – Apple at Its Finest

When it comes to technology and ideas, the world knows that it keeps evolving, and thus, people always expect the unexpected from the tech world. The first Apple iPod, the iPod Nano was introduced in the year 2005. From that day onwards, Apple took the liberty of providing the people with new and advanced iPod designs, and now, the iPod series has undergone various changes. There are several types of iPods introduced by Apple, some of which are the iPod touch, the iPod shuffle, iPod mini, iPod Classic, and so on.

Sleeker in Circle:


Come to think of it, the circular shape plays a vital role in the world of music; for instance, take the shape of a CD into consideration. Moreover, the shape of the play button on the iTunes app is also circular, and thus, it has a recurring role in the musical world. The concept of this innovative iPod is inspired from this persistent role of the shape O. The iPod shuffle is specifically designed to celebrate this connection with its sleek circular design. Like all the other Apple inventions, it has the same sleek design, even if it is round in shape, but Apple never fails to impress the audience with the design.

The O shaped iPod Shuffle is available in 5 colors, i.e. silver, hot pink, cobalt blue, black, and golden. The jogdial is designed strikingly around the screen of this mini iPod, enhancing the design of the iPod. Apple surely knows how to grab the attention of the audience even if it is the design of an O shaped iPod Shuffle or if it’s iPhone 7 Plus. The jogdial allows you to use the UI, which goes up to 3mm beyond the touch of the surface of the screen. A circular shape might seem like a nightmare for some people to handle, but with the O shaped iPod shuffle, you would never find it hard to handle the interface.

This conceptual iPod shuffle is surely a head turner. On the other hand, the headphone jack of this iPod, as always, is extremely remarkable, which is why most people purchase it in the first place. Apple optimistically celebrates this different design of the iPod shuffle by paying a tribute to the shape O for its role in music.