Bluesmart, the First Smart Suitecase

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Bluesmart is a high quality carry-on suitcase. What makes it stand out is the fact that it can be controlled from your phone, which means, opened, closed or locked by pressing a single button on your phone.

Bluesmart app allows to track the location of your suitcase, to measure its weight and much more. Bluesmart suitcase also contains a built-in battery which can be used as a phone charger.

The built-in digital scale is an impressive feature and will help you save some on overweight fees. Distance alerts and location tracking are also available, transforming the Bluesmart in a very useful, yet simple tool that helps you get updates from your luggage at all times. Bluesmart comes with a compartment for electronic devices, durable, yet very easy to access,  as electronic devices are those that get the most damage during travelling.

The Bluesmart app will provide you with stats, distance travelled, the number of countries you visited, and  the ability to share your location on social media.

Bluesmart is certainly a nifty device, and with its help you feel a lot safer during travels. The sturdy construction and the ability to track its location make it one of the best things for a frequent traveller.