Moti for Habit Development

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Developing a habit wasn’t this easy before. MOTI has revolutionized the ways with which we used to schedule ourselves and adopt certain habits. With reminders, accountability, and appreciation, it helps you design your daily life around the things which are beneficial for your health. For instance, with the help of this amazing gadget, you can develop reading habits, schedule exercising drills, and other similar things. All you need to do is configure MOTI and place it where you can see it.

Unlike all the other habit development reminders, MOTI operates in the real world. This makes it a lot more fun and compelling. Though there are watches and smartphone apps which are used for habit development purposes but none of them interacts with you in real time, which is why they aren’t much effective. MOTI, on the other hand, interacts with you by triggering the reminders and rewarding you when your performance is good.

The designing and development of this amazing product is based on decades of research on human nature and robotics development. This amazing robot relies on the psychological aspects of your personality. You tend to perform better when you’re appreciated, and this is exactly what MOTI makes use of.
[affegg id=11] Here, we have briefly discussed the basic principles of habit loop theory, on which MOTI performs. The theory suggests that your brain forms a habit when a loop of three things works around it;

  • A trigger: The trigger reminds you to stop whatever you’re doing and do the work which is beneficial for your health.
  • A routine: After the trigger reminds you about the habit, the next thing you need to do is develop a routine. By establishing a regular routine, you will be able to develop a habit which will last for a long time.
  • A reward: Lastly, you are able to develop a routine in a better way if you’re given rewards over it.

With MOTI, you get to enjoy variable rewards after completing the drills which will promote your habit. For instance, the gadget responds to your gentle push, or should we call it a HIGH-FIVE, by glittering radiant lights and producing joyous sounds, after the completion of the habit routine.

Engineered to perfection, MOTI is helping countless members of the society in transforming their lives. These are available in different colors and come with a USB cable and adapter to keep its battery up to a maximum.