Make a Microscope out of Your Smartphone

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It has been a long time since we discovered the wonders of technology. It keeps developing rapidly and we keep witnessing innovation. Nowadays, we can see the effects of technology everywhere. One of the most vital results of technology is the smartphone. We hardly see anyone without one these days. Not everyone owns an expensive smartphone with the best features possible but there always is a version present.With the help of the smartphone and the accessibility of Wi-Fi, we are now living our lives on the go. So much has been replaced by the smartphone technology. We have high quality camera installed into our smartphones so much that even some of the professional photographers and video makers are using it. People wear watches only as a fashion statement, no more need for a flashlight; stopwatches have been long since forgotten, compasses and so much more that we have seen overtaken by the smartphone. The latest addition to this list is the microscope.

How Does it Work?

Now, you can turn your smartphone camera into a microscope using the Blip Macro and Micro.  These are thin strips that come with a blip shaped lens. The lens fits perfectly over the camera lens of your smartphone to further enhance its functionality. Not only can you take pictures and video at the macro level but enjoy them at a cellular level with the Blip Micro.

Key Features

The strips are extremely thin and can be neatly fixed with the phone and taken off. Moreover, the lens of the Blip strips is as microscopic as the subjects you want to capture in your phonographs. The strips are highly convenient featuring durable material and easy to carry around.Designed by Andrea Antonini, Blip is another innovation on technology that will allow us to take our smartphone experience to a new level. whenever we think we can’t go any further with technology, we are surprised again. The Package comes with an application that you can easily install in your smartphones and learn to capture macro and micro photos more conveniently.The Blip lens is a must have if you are photography enthusiast. Experience your passion at a whole new level with this amazing gadget. Nothing heavy to carry around; all you need to take some high resolution pictures is the thin strips of the Blip lens and smartphone. Stop anywhere at any time, put on the strips and capture the best moments of life.