10 Best LED strips under $50 on Amazon

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Whether you need some advancement when it comes to lighting your living space or just a backlight for your PC monitor/TV, LED strip light offer a great variety of options that are affordable. Not sure what you need? Let’s take a look at the following best examples of LED strips under $50 you can choose from. Note: As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Are you searching for a perfect strip light for decoration? Then look no further, Minger LED Strip light is an excellent choice. The strip comes with up to 16 multi-color options. What’s more, it can change color periodically and automatically at a fast rate. With its remote control, you can set the mood of lighting at your own pleasure while laying back and relaxing.


  • Easy use and installation
  • Safe and superior material for durability
  • Remote control
  • Brightness and dimmer controls
  • Indoor since its non-waterproof
  • Kids and adults safe value power
  • 4 ft lengthwise

For multipurpose LED strip lighting, LE lighting EVER will never disappoint you. Whether you need it for house decorations, Christmas lighting or even a house party, this product will serve you maximally.This is the best LED strip under $20.


  • Comes without an adapter
  • Has an adhesive back
  • Friendly voltage for both kids and adults
  • Good flexibility
  • It is fragile and requires special care during installation
  • Easy installation
  • Non-waterproof

Don’t just install your television and watch it, transform it into a lively mode with multicolor changing led backlight. Pangtonvilla LED strip light for TV, is an excellent option for boosting image clarity as well as create a home theatre feel while watching your favorite movie.


  • Perfect for 40” to 60” TV size
  • 56 ft lengthwise
  • Multicolor lighting
  • Remote control with 24 keys
  • 4 mode dimmable
  • Installation through double side adhesive tape
  • 5v working voltage

DAYBETTER LED strip light is another best choice for those looking for a DIY LED strip for decorations. With various colors range, you have a wide range of uses. Therefore whether it’s for your car, TV, kitchen, Bedroom or Party decoration, it will serve you perfectly. What’s more, the 44 key controls are a unique feature that makes it even a better choice for decoration. 


  • High quality and ultra-bright LED chips
  • Stronger adhesive back
  • Wide range of option for color changing mood
  • Comes with a 44 key controlling remote
  • Can be cut into various length
  • Multifunctional
  • Durable and colorful

Revolutionize your living space with an L8Star LED strip. This lighting strip comes with incredible features that would leave you with a WOW feel. With more than one option of remote control, it’s truly a work of art.

In terms of performance, the strip it’s a great choice for any lighting use you could think off. But the fan part of it comes when controlling the lighting mood with your Smartphone. Through an app, you can change the color theme, adjust brightness’ or even set the mic mode.


  • Light dimming option
  • Smartphone control through an app
  • Multiscene mode
  • East to install
  • Remote control
  • Multi uses

With a 32.8 ft length, the GOVEE LED strip is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Therefore, this strip is perfect for endless applications. The strip co0mes with an advanced infrared-probe which allows you to set the light mood from a 360 degrees angle within a 10-meter radius. However, care must be applied when dealing with the light adapter. Its non-waterproof thus, protection and care from water are essential.


  • Easy to install and use
  • All-round protection
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Simple 360 degrees remote control within a 10m radius
  • More than 20 options for a color change

SANWO LED strip is a great description of what a party should be like. With an inbuilt sensitive mic, the strip lighting will automatically respond to any type of music you play. It’s a great choice if you want to create a party mood that develops naturally with no need for light experts. To cut the story short SANWO LED strip is a perfect choice for festive lighting.


  • Suitable for many festive applications
  • Brightness and color are adjustable
  • RF remote that can work within an 8m radius even across a wall barrier
  • Auto-sync with playing music
  • Simultaneous change of colors through frequency adjustment

Transform your living space into the future mode with MACONAR LED strip light. With this lighting strip, gone are the days of using the wall switch to turn on your light. With the assistance of your Smartphone, you can change the light mood with your Smartphone or even turn it on/off.

The futuristic feature of the LED strip is the compatibility with Amazon Axela. You can actually turn the light on/off, change the color mode or adjust the brightness via voice command.


  • Control by both Amazon Axela and mobile app
  • Multicolor
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof
  • Very durable
  • The package comprises the strip light, adapter, and Wi-Fi controller

SENGLED SMART LED is another great example of a light strip that will transform your living space into a futuristic mode. This strip works through connection with a smart hub such as Axela and Sengled smart hub.

Through the smart hubs, you can turn on/off the strip, adjust brightness and much more. What’s more, you are also free to use your Smartphone as a remote control through SENGLED App. Lastly, with Google assistance and Axela, you can use your voice to control the whole lighting operation.


  • Create routines and scenes
  • Mood setting
  • Voice control
  • Smart lighting
  • Set up is flexible

If you are searching for LED light strips for official places like offices and conference rooms which demand simplicity, then MONSTER Basic LED strip light is the right match. With just a single lighting color, you can easily adjust the warmth/brightness at ease depending on the occasion. Also, it can come in handy as a backlight for PC monitor and TV for great user experience.


  • White color LED strip
  • IR controlling remote
  • Brightness/warmth adjustment
  • Easy installation
  • 5ft lengthwise


From the above, you can tell that LED strip lights under $50 are no longer for decoration alone but also a great lighting source.  Also, they are a great option for both large and small DIY projects due since they can cut into small and desirable sizes. Therefore, take your pick depending on the use as well as reliability for a particular role.

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