Cut Any Material with Waterjet Cutter

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WAZER is basically the first ever waterjet cutter, which can be easily adjusted in any other workshop. The thing that makes it amazing is its ability to cut through almost any material possible. However, it cuts through the materials with the professional-grade quality. Moreover, one should know that the WAZER, waterjets, require high maintenance. These waterjets are known for their large setup, as well as for their significant infrastructure.

A Compact Waterjet for Every Workshop! :

The machine uses high pressured water to cut the materials with digital precision, leaving no room for mistakes. This factor makes it accessible and extremely useful for every other workshop to keep this machine. Due to their high prices, most of the workshops or the small businesses do not have access to this marvelous piece of technology. However, it has become madly famous among the successful businesses because of the precision in the cutting design. No matter how hard the design is, this waterjet can cut through the toughest materials, for instance, carbon fiber, stone, steel, aluminum, glass, and tile, etc.

The accuracy achieved by using this waterjet cannot be achieved by using any other machine, or even by hand. It can focus on even the minute details. The WAZER is quite easy to operate, and while you leave the machine to operate, you can focus on other tasks in hand, thus, allowing you to save more time.  The mixture, which is used to operate the waterjet, consists of sand-like abrasive particles working along with the water stream of high pressure. This mixture exits the nozzle while the machine cuts through the desired material and design.

The waterjet can be used to make a number of products, for instance, glass art, the belt drive of a bicycle, baker’s rack, penny necklace or even a customized knife. Furthermore, the developers have decided that this technology should be accessible to even the smaller businesses, which is why they are going to introduce it at a much lower cost. Thus, the machine is probably going to be accessible to the businesses running on a limited budget. The compact design of this machine makes it the perfect choice to be kept at places with minimal spaces.

The WAZER is available in two design types; the WAZER desktop and the WAZER standup.