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What the Mouse-Box is, is a fully functional computer packed into a small, portable mouse. Just attach a monitor or projector and a keyboard and it works like any other computer. This is perfect for presentations or people on the go. It combines the mobility and storage of a flash drive with the ability to directly access, operate and modify straight from the device. The Mouse-Box packs all the mobility of a notebook at half the size and weight.

Product Description

The Mouse-Box has all the perks of a notebook with half the hassle of having to carry one around. You get 1.4GHz Dual-core ARM CPU, 128 Gigabytes of flash memory, two 3.0 USB Ports and micro-HDMI. Additionally, the Mouse-Box is WiFi capable meaning you can pull whatever presentations, report, or file from your email or cloud storage. As an added bonus you can attach the Mouse-Box to your computer and jump between the two with a click of a button allowing for duel computing on the fly. This is especially beneficial for working on projects both at home, on the go or at work.

Overall Opinion

Unlike a flash drive or a notebook computer the Mouse-Box combines the best of both worlds. It allows for quick and easy file storage in a small, portable device while being able to work with programs and files in real time. Also as mentioned above, the Mouse-Box can double as both a regular mouse when hooked up to a computer and with the click of a button you can switch between the Mouse-Box and the computer on the fly. While unlike a regular notebook, you have to attach the monitor and keyboard to use the Mouse-Box which does limit its function on the go, however, with the prevalence of notebooks and tablets having an extra computer built into your mouse expands your ability to work where ever you are.


When it comes to a mobile computer a notebook or tablet is still king of the mountain. However, Mouse-Box takes it a step further by having all of the advantages of a flash drive and a computer in one. This is especially great for presentations, lectures, or workshops as the Mouse-Box can plug right into any projector set up and with a few simple clicks bring up whatever information you need. As Mouse-Box does have limited storage compared to a notebook or tablet that makes it even more useful for these types of situations as you won’t get bogged down by excess programs or spend minutes looking for the right PowerPoint.