The Basslet

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Music is the representation of reality. Knowing your reality or knowing different realities demands you to tap into your unconscious, and the best way to walk up to your unconscious is through incorporating music in your life. This is why incorporating strictly entails that you incorporate through means that do justice in transmitting the music as it is so that not part of it is lost, otherwise the meaning is lost as well. Even more important than hearing is that you feel it. Although, whenever music is heard it is heard to be felt in one way or the other. But, isn’t it annoying when due to any external cause your feeling is interrupted and thus the whole music experience is spoiled?

Now, there is a solution to this as well. If you are a bass lover and prefer to enjoy non-stop bass music, you can use a basslet. A basslet is a wrist-size subwoofer that enhances your music experience by delivering the beats and basslines of the music directly to you. The powerful sound that the subwoofer eliminated the external disturbances and makes you feel that there is only sound around you.

Further, the subwoofer is compact. It is designed in such a manner so that it can be portable and you can carry it with you anywhere you want. Though, the size of the subwoofer is compact, the system in it is very powerful that you can feel the bass spectrum with maximum precision.

Other than enjoying the feel of bass music, you can also enjoy games with this gadget. While playing the game, the subwoofer plays the role of physically immersing you in the game. Additionally, the subwoofer can be attached to any device that generates sound. There is no need of an application to make it function. Just connect the subwoofer to your laptop, smartphone or any electronic device that you are using and feel the sound along with hearing it.

Go out in the world and listen to your thing without the fear that others will hear/feel it because the subwoofer is silent to the world outside. In addition, the other features that the basslet offers are as follows:

  • Maximum play time is six hours at high volume
  • Charges in less than an hour
  • Patent-pending magnetic charging interface
  • Ultra- low latency
  • Has a sender that connects to a plug and no software/configuration needed

So, attention all music enthusiasts and gamers, get hold of this cool gadget to add oomph to your experience.\