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Poynt Core Apps

Our powerful software suite offers everything you need to start taking payments right away. These apps come pre-installed so it’s easy to get started.
  • AccountingSync
    • Sync payments & transactions with QuickBooks (Online & Desktop)
    • Eliminate the need for manual data entry
  • Ecommerce
    • Offer a simpler checkout experience
    • Increase your sales beyond brick-and-mortar
  • Virtual Terminal
    • Accept phone orders
    • Process card-not-present payments
  • Invoices
    • Simplify your business income management
    • See all your incoming payments in one place
  • Card-on-File
    • Securely store your customer’s card-on-file
    • No need to send additional invoices to get paid
  • Recurring Payments
    • Automate your billing
    • Set up subscriptions & other recurring bills
  • Loyalty
    • Award & track customer rewards
    • Keep customers coming back for repeat purchases through points & discounts
  • Messaging
    • Communicate with your customers & get quick insights
    • Enjoy the convenience of an integrated messaging & feedback tool
  • Advanced Register
    • Keep track of all the items you sell
    • Expand the number of items you manage & track (up to 575)

More and more interesting technologies are appearing nowadays, such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet for example, but unfortunately companies are very reluctant when it comes to integrating them in their daily endeavours, mainly because such an integration requires lots of investment.

Poynt is a device that’s set to solve the problem of old, unaccepted technology once and for all, as through it companies will be able to perform digital sales and get the money from customers on the spot, a very interesting and impressive achievement. Poynt comes with a hybrid EMV/MSR card reader, an integrated NFC antenna and Bluetooth support.

What makes Poynt different is that it can work with multiple types of payment methods, such as NFC, QR Codes, credit cards or even other types of cards. This makes it much easier for a normal buyer to just go to the shop and purchase those things that he needs.

Poynt is suitable for any shop because it has a side that’s dedicated to the merchant, where he can input the payment amount and so on, but there’s also a screen for the customer where he can see the amount that needs to be paid. The device comes with a quad core processor so all of these operations are running smoothly without any lag or anything similar.

The Poynt device has been created with a large emphasis on security, as it offers end-to-end encryption, tamper and fraud detention, not to mention that it also brings a professional way to deal with privacy threats. In our opinion, this is what makes the Poynt device very useful in supermarkets and other similar businesses where interacting with the customer is essential.

On top of that, Poynt is also a register, scanner, printer, terminal and much more. It will integrate seamlessly with the equipment that you already have, so you don’t need to perform any upgrades. However, what it does provide, alongside its great features, is the fact that it has a very stylish look that shows professionalism. Lastly, the Poynt tool comes with its own operating system that can be programmed to show the number of sales, inventory or schedule, depending on your needs.

Overall, Poynt seems a nifty invention that shows a lot of potential. It isn’t out yet, it will be released in early 2015, but you can find out more information about it and pre-purchase it from the link below.