Plastc, the Credit Card Alternative

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Let’s face it, we have a plethora of cards in our wallet, and we always seem to get more no matter where we go. Be it a credit card, debit card or a fidelity one, the reality is that most of our wallets are filled with them, so we do need to find a solution to replace them.

Thankfully, there are two solutions right now on the market, which are the Coin and Plastc. Both of them are available for preorder right now, although Plastc seems to be set to appear a lot sooner, sometime at the beginning of next year. However, what does make it stand out is the fact that it holds 20 cards, which is more than enough for most of that. The neat thing here is that the device has an upgradable firmware and a neat way to change the cards thanks to the E-ink display.

The technology integrated here is NFC, just like the one included in the Apple Pay, and it even hosts EMV capabilities as well, which is certainly an astonishing feature.

Since it hosts very important information in regards to your financial security, plastic does bring a wide range of security features that are placed within the device. First of all, it has a pin lock that requires you to sync it with a phone, and this way you will get security alerts.

Although Apple Pay is a major thing, rest assured though that many of us still plan to use the credit cards, especially since many think that Apple’s tech might be unsecure. Yes, it does go on unknown grounds, but the reality is that Plastc is certainly a contender for Apple in this regard. Being able to carry your 20 cards within a single device is awesome, even if the device does have a battery that needs to be charged each 30 days or so. However, the interesting feature is that the battery can be charged in a wireless manner so you won’t go through a lot of hassle in order to perform a single charge.

The pre-order price for the Plastc device is $155 and its release date is, as mentioned above, sometime in the summer of 2015. Is this the best alternative to our credit cards? Maybe yes, maybe not, but this device will certainly appeal to a wide category of users from all over the globe which simply want to avoid keeping lots of credit cards on them.