5 Best Wireless Earphones

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To be honest, no matter how awesome they may sound, but we all get frustrated when we have to untangle the wires of our earphones. The Apple consumers are now getting used to the absence of a 3.5mm jack, a large number of manufacturers have started developing completely wireless earphones. The leading wireless earphones provide us a peek into the wire-free future that is being envisaged by technology experts.

Currently, there are plenty of wireless earbuds in the market that is not up to scratch. They are marred with poor sound quality, low battery lifespan, or poor connectivity. So, you would do well to avoid them. We believe that those consumers who are willing to handle a single wire between their earphones will get enhanced performance with halo-style and tethered Bluetooth earphones that are extremely low cost. Having said that, if you are ready to let go of the wires, we bring to you some of the best wireless earphones around.
These are completely wireless earphones and include sweat-proof sports buds as well as the basic in-ears. You can also check out these noise-canceling headphones and the Bluetooth earphones.

Our Choice – The Headphone (Bragi)

Why you should buy this: They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, sound really good and perform quite well.

Who are they for: If you are looking for great sound without any hassle, these are definitely for you.
Cost: $149
Why The HeadphoneIt was surely an act of arrogance when the German enterprise Bragi came up with the name “The Headphone” for their second-generation completely wireless earbuds. Just to keep you updated, the Dash, which happened to be the company’s first product of the series, failed miserably while The Headphone has struck a chord with the audience. It comes with an attractive design, enhanced battery life and stunning sound. The Headphone are user-friendly and do not contain tons of features to make life a bit tougher for the consumers.

Bargi Headphone

In addition to streaming music, The Headphone also support phone calls and let the users control playback and even access their smartphone’s digital assistant via the little buttons located on the gadget itself. Similar to other high-cost earphones, The Headphone also play or pause music when you put them in or take them out of your ear. A portable charging case is something that is not bundled with The Headphone. However, once charged completely, the company claims that you will get approximately six hours of playback time. So, most of you can do without the charging case.

If you are buying your very first wireless earbuds, then The Headphone is a great choice since they are easy to use and if you are scared of losing them, you can also order a leash from Bragi’s official website to keep strung together. Moreover, for just $150 you get an exquisite set of earphones that are worth every penny.

The Best for Long Travels – Apple AirPods

Why you should buy this: They are durable, multi-functional and offer great sound that is an upgrade from Apple’s iconic EarPods.
Who it is for: Apple junkies and those who like to take a stroll away from their smartphone
Cost: $159
Why we choose the Apple AirPodsApple junkies who were fond of listening to music on their phone had long been using the legendary Apple earpods. They were actually one-size-fits-few sort of earbuds that could only be adjusted properly in a few ears and offered only decent sound quality. But the Apple AirPods are a brilliant upgrade to the older EarPods.

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The sound still is not that great to be honest, the Apple AirPods boast enhanced audio chops in contrast to their wired counterparts and come with tons of exciting features. They sport Siri connectivity, user-friendly touch controls and accelerometer sensors that detect whether the phones have been inserted into the ears or pulled out; while simultaneously playing or pausing the music streaming. Once charged completely, they provide a music playback time of about 5 hours and offer an operating range of a whopping 100 feet without any obstacles.

Moreover, the AirPods comes with a high-end charging case for 24 hours of total playback time and also provide support for making or receiving telephone calls. Since they work, independently, so you can accept phone calls with ease. If they fit well into your ears, the Apple AirPods are a nice gizmo to be a part of your repertoire.

The Best for Sports – Jabra Elite Sport


Why you should buy this: If you are looking for sweat-proof earbuds, then these are the ones for you!.
Who it is for: Those who lead an active life, require headphones that fit well and keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle
Cost: $200 to $250
Why we choose the Jabra Elite SportJabra has integrated some of the exciting features of its popular workout earphones to their completely wireless Elite Sport headphones. These are a nice set of gizmo for the fitness-aficionados.

These are sweat-proof as well as waterproof as you can keep them submerged in shallow water for about half an hour. The Elite Sport headphones also include an inbuilt heart-rate monitor that assists the users to keep track of their vital signs as they listen to music and workout in the gym. What’s really impressive is that the earphones come with a wide array of ear tips and support connectors, ensuring that the users find a safe fit that stays put.

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The Elite Sport earphones boast formidable sound quality with sufficient bass response to keep your adrenaline pumping as you prepare for the elusive marathon or 100 meter sprint.

The Best Everyday Audio Enhancement – Nuheara IQbuds

Why you should buy this: Looking to enhance or modify of the sound of your surroundings and jam along with it, these earbuds are for!
Who it is for: Those who are hard of hearing or with some other particular live-music requirements
Costa around: $299
Why we choose the Nuheara IQbuds: Yes, like all other earbuds on our coveted list, they stream music but their main purpose is to assist those who are hard of hearing control sound and enhance speech in their surrounding environment.

They are quite good in segregating speech from background noise as they seamlessly convert complex hearing scenarios into intuitive listening ambiance. They make use of a detailed and user-friendly app and offer a decent battery lifespan of about 3.5 hours of playback time with the sonic environment augmentation switched on.

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Audio quality is remarkable and offers top-quality connectivity. The IQbuds are one of the best ergonomically designed earbuds around that fit well into one’s ears and are a great choice for listening to real-world sounds.

Nuheara IQbuds

The Best Low Cost Earbuds –Axgio AH-T1

Why you should buy this: They are reliable, comfortable and stay put in your ears. Their sound quality is average but they come at an amazingly affordable price.
Who it is for: Those who want to go wire-free but do not want to spend at an arm and a leg
Cost: $80
Why we choose the Axgio AH-T1: They might not be the most flamboyant or technologically equipped earbuds out there but for just $80, they come with features that may not be present in some of the more costly contraptions. The smart, over-ear hook ensures that they fit well into your ears while you perform the workout. Moreover, the headphones are sweat-proof and contain three buttons to control the playback and volume. Device pairing is super-smooth while they provide a formidable connection. In addition, they offer a music playback time of 4 to 5 hours. They do not include a portable charging case but come with a carrying case while letting a user pair only one of the buds at one time for mono-sound.

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If you are someone who is annoyed with his or her tangled wires and wants to go wire-free, then the Axgio AH-T1 earbuds are an excellent option that seats well into one’s ears.