Live in a State of the Art Home with the Help of Keecker – the World’s First Homepod

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It may be many years before we get the first robot to be domesticated which can do more than just run errands inside the house. Artificial intelligence is still a long way from being truly useful in day-to-day lives. But what has become possible is having a HomePod.

Keecker, the world’s first HomePod, is an answer to many questions that millions of people in the world have wondered about. It is granting the wishes of innumerable people across the globe. Keecker is your very own super computer, entertainer and facilitator of almost everything that you need.


Keecker can entertain you with movies, games, music and live television. It can connect you to the virtual world, allow you to browse the net, get connected on social media, post contents or to get some work done. It can project images, videos and all kinds of visual content onto any surface. There is no need to have a television or a screen, LCD or anything as such. You can project anything you want on your walls. With Keecker, you can actually convert or transform any place or room to a recreational hub. From video chatting to conference, watching movies to making presentations, Keecker can do almost everything that you would want a smart HomePod to do.

Keecker is equipped with amazing sound systems, a camera, projector and is itself a super computer that has the ability to sense more things than you would imagine. Keecker is compatible with WiFi and can be moved around with ease. It is also compatible with Android and iOS smart phones or tabs and you can also configure your desktop or laptop with the HomePod. Your wish is a command for Keecker at the press of a button.

Keecker is more than just an entertaining HomePod. It can be used for interior décor. You can have Keecker illuminate your home with different colors, with different images on walls or ceilings, Keecker can measure humidity, air quality, light level and sound level in your home and it can also alert you if there are suspicious movements in the house or if there is a certain type of emergency. All such settings and features can be customized or personalized by you.

Keecker is the state of the art gadget that every home doesn’t just need but also deserves.